Teflon and Fluoropolymers

General properties of the fluoropolymers material include:
  • Highest overall chemical resistance.
  • Excellent chemical resistance properties. Call for specific information regarding your application.
  • Common uses include machined components, and baths.
Polyfluoroethylene (PFA)
  • The only weldable fluoropolymer material
  • Material is available up to 4" rod, 3/4" sheet, tube and bar.
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
  • Machines exceptionally well.
  • Material is available up to 8" rod, and 3" sheet.
  • Chemical resistance equivalent to PVDF.
  • Halar has better microscopic surface smoothness than PVDF.
  • Machines well, and is weldable.
  • Material is available up to 5" rod, and 2" sheet.