Design and Engineering

Chemwest provides custom design, drafting, and engineering on-site off-site services to those customers whom request them for their plastic component, plastic furniture and plastic system needs in plastic manufacturing.

Chemwest utilizes Autocad and Inventor products for design and engineering.


Thermoplastic Welding

Chemwest provides thermoplastic welding services.

Chemwest provides support in the field for the plastic repair and maintenance of customer plastic process equipment.

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Chemwest provides trouble shooting, and field service to customer process equipment.

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On-Site Repair and Installation

Chemwest provides On-site installation and repair of customer process equipment. On-site plastic welding is available for your plastic carts, cabinets and systems.

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Preventive Maintenance

Chemwest provides preventative maintenance services of customer process equipment. Chemwest supplies PM carts, PM work stations, PM cleaning stations.

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CNC Machining

Chemwest provides CNC machining, turning, and routing services.

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Electrical/Electronic Panels

Chemwest provides UL-508a electrical panel fabrication and installation services. Chemwest has qualified and trained electricians that can safely and correctly build your electrical panels to electrical code and integrate electrical panels into your process equipment.

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High Purity Plastic Plumbing

Chemwest provides high purity piping, and plumbing services, and uses pure bonding for high purity piping assemblies as well as butt fusion of high purity plumbing components.

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