Chemwest provides plastic manufactured 300mm quartz transportation carts, maintenance carts, slurry carts, carboy carts, chemical transport carts, and pump carts. We’ll design, engineer and manufacture special design carts to meet your special specifications.

Quartz transport carts can hold quartz boats, quartz liners, quartz baffle, quartz plates and quartz Injectors to support your chemical vapor deposition furnaces, horizontal deposition quartz and vertical deposition quartz transportation.

Plastic maintenance carts can be configured to help store and transport the tools needed for maintenance on process equipment.

Plastic slurry carts can also be configured to move a single slurry carboy or to transport other sizes and quantities of slurry containers used in wafer polishing and mechanical polishing, or wafer grinding slurry and wafer cutting slurry

Chemical transport carts and chemical delivery carts are designed to carry one gallon chemical bottles, chemical carboys and solvent chemical transportation of one gallon solvent bottles.